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How to Create a Storefront Sign that Is Effective and Durable

As you probably know, there are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning to set up a storefront sign. There’s zoning, for instance, and then by finding the right material. Definitely, there’s picking the right sign maker, which is unquestionably a vital part of the process.

However, at the end of the day, where it really boils down to when it comes to achieving your goals for putting up that sign in the first place, is the sign itself. So how do you make one that works and lasts?

Visual Attractiveness
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Is it physically appealing? Make your sign an easy read. Use vibrant colors and tones that match your surroundings without violating zoning regulations. Needless to say, the design has to be appropriate for your brand. People should instinctively know what’s lying behind your doors. So if you’re selling cat food, for instance, your sign should feature a cat eating. Creativity is great, but you don’t want to take it too far as that would be bad for business.
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When deciding on a design and copy, make your message priority — and keep your word count to seven or less. If location is the sign’s most important aspect, highlight it. If you offer unique service, express that point above everything else. Still, keep it simple. People can learn more about your product or service when they enter the door.


A sign that is too complicated or hard to process can produce a subconscious perception of your brand as being unlikable or unreliable. Based on research, the opposite applies as well.

Easy Maintenance

Unfortunately, most natural materials are worn off by nature over time. Hence, it’s wise to choose those that don’t weather, such as stone, treated wood or metal. Shops and websites normally provide alternative or composite materials that will last your business a long, long time.


Keep your sign away from trees, power lines, buildings or any other obstructing structures – you could end up losing customers. Check your sign’s position from every vantage point possible. Make any necessary changes – add lights, change colors or fonts, etc. – if only to make your sign stand out.

To Each His Own

According to studies, people can have varying perceptions of a single sign, depending on how their view of it – for example, if the sign was mounted on a building or on the ground. When viewing a sign from their right visual field, people tend to respond more positively to words compared to images, the research emphasizes. In contrast, those who see a sign from their left visual field are more likely to give a positive response to an image sign positioned at a driver’s eye level.

Remember, even if you’re not an artist, you can have great business sign design. By planning your design in advance, you can approach your chosen local sign shop and save money and time.