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Facts Regarding Viking Jewelries

The Vikings made so many beautiful pieces of jewelry but many people rarely think of them because they only concentrate on the items they used for the wars and those were large swords and spears. In this respect, they created different pieces of jewelry in the form of good-looking rings, necklaces, and bracelets and even used precious metals like gold and silver. The mixture of these two precious metals made bronze that was used to make brooches which were pieces of jewelry for women during those days. The Vikings also used the pieces of jewelry that they made for other needs other than making the community look beautiful. Therefore I will discuss some truths never known by many people in the current world regarding the Viking pieces of jewelry.

The pieces of jewelry were meant for all the people whether a man or a woman and without discrimination of one’s social standards. These jewelry were like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that used as a form of identification in the society to maintain high levels of security. Wealth was identified in these pieces of jewelry as the wealthiest had unique but similar features. Others were used mostly by the women to fasten their clothes so that they can maintain their dignity in the society. It was simple to spot a rich person in the society to show them respects as they had unique pieces of jewelry.

There were those Viking ornaments that were made to portray the true image of the community, and a perfect example was their readiness to face any forthcoming wars by Thor’s hammer. The Vikings had developed so many other symbolic ornaments that were used on specific occasions where their needs were found relevant. It is worrying to reveal the truth about Viking pieces of jewelry that they were found in the cemeteries. The Vikings lived for so many years ago, and therefore the existing evidence can be used to imagine how their lives were during those days.

Also the Vikings never wore the earrings or the fingerings, and this was not because they did not know these pieces of jewelry existed since they used to see them when they met the Slavic people. The Viking people never believed that it was a must to have these two jewels, and for that reason they never wore them. Funny enough there were no rules to prevent the people from wearing these two pieces of jewelry since some who were interested were allowed to.

As pointed out, the Vikings used the pieces of jewelry as their form of identifying the wealthy people in the society, they also used some of this jewelry as currency. The arm and necklaces they wore were made of silver and therefore when they visited the markets, they used them to make payments for the goods and services they wanted.

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