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Tips on How to Grow Your Small Business

Growing a business is a topic that any business owner ought to be thinking every day. You need to look at different aspects in you want to grow a successful business. You should ask yourself, how much preparation do you do? Growing a business requires a whole lot of planning, a great deal of planning. The most prosperous businesses did proper planning in the early stages.

If you want to succeed, you should plan to have strategic meetings. You should plan your board to hold board meeting every quarter for planning and talking strategy. You also gain the advantage of looking critically at your business.

Below are some important questions you should be able to answer.


Have you set up any metrics? Having the ability to gain access to your company’s metrics regularly will help you stay on track on what is going on in your business. Every business using different metrics because each of them has different goals they want to achieve. There are some things such as your P&L and balance sheet which all companies should continue to keep a watch out for. Others might be profit per customer and complaint resolution time referral rate, complaints per client. This is a short list however you know what metric is important to you. Decide what metrics you want to focus on. Don’t be worried about finding all of them out at the beginning just start with a couple of them. Growing a business is going to have a good deal of measurements. Make sure that you measure the facets of your company.

Systems in place

What kind of systems do you have in your small business? How scalable is your business? Business systems are crucial to developing a small business. If you are holding regular preparation sessions (board meetings) you want to have systems so that you get consistent results from the activities. Systems will be your business’ nervous system. Systems relay all of the information to and from the board. Your small business board is where all the important decisions are made.

Business techniques take a lot of time to develop and should always improve. If you want to know if a system is good, it will produce the desired results regardless of the person working on it. If you are not working on strategic planning of the business, the other best thing you can do is work on the systems.


There are business owners who attend networking events and seminars, read books but don’t apply the knowledge. The one thing they lack is action. When there is absolutely no action it is never likely to occur.